Cold therapy is the therapy of choice when treating an injury. Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, involves treating the affected body part at a lower than normal temperature. The use of cold therapy will vary depending on the environment, the injury, and if a doctor is present.

Cold therapy is something the average person and doctor do. When you injure yourself while running, biking, or just about anything else, the first thing that comes to mind is ice. You can also get the best cold therapy treatment via

This is because the ice is cold and will help prevent or reduce swelling at the injury site. We are taught from an early age that ice is the best remedy for most injuries. For the most part, we will see and/or feel an increase in injuries after 15 or 20 minutes of the ice age.

Cold therapy works because it reduces the flow of fluid into the tissues, which slows the release of the chemicals that actually cause the pain and inflammation associated with injury.

The cold temperature also reduces sensation in the surrounding area, which also reduces pain. Cold therapy is best used during the first 48 hours after injury and after surgery.

Of course, cold therapy is not for everyone. If you have circulatory problems, the injured person is unconscious, cannot feel the injured area, or is allergic to low temperatures, cold therapy is not the best option.

Many people also offer rotational cold therapy with heat therapy. For example, you would apply an ice pack for 20 minutes, wait 30 minutes, and then heat it for 20 minutes.

Remember not to hold ice or heat at the injury site for more than 20 minutes. If you do this for 24 hours and don't see any improvement in the injury, you should usually see a doctor.

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