Mobile applications on smartphones are part of everyday life. Nowadays almost everyone has a Smartphone. 79% of people aged between 18 and 44 own a Smartphone; 82% of people downloading and playing with the app.

People have their phones with them almost 24/7 mostly for entertainment, news, and social interaction so you can definitely say there is a lot of demand in this market. In this article I will tell you what type of application you have to make if the application should be free or not, and how easily you can create your own applications and ultimately make money from it. Get more information about best money earning app at

Best money making apps that are real and legit

The most popular free applications, especially applications for Android phones. The safest option and the best is to make two versions of the mobile app – paid one and a free one, to see which one makes the most money. 

You can earn money from free apps to sell an update for the game (eg, more weapons, more levels) there is always a group of people who want to buy this update. 

If you want to publish free apps I would recommend you put it on websites such as Chart Boost, Playhaven, and Revmob. After that, you can try to experiment with selling paid apps or continue using the free application, and then you will be able to see which application is the best selling.

Camera bags and cases are the most important purchase you will need to consider once you have bought a camera. In order to protect your purchase, you'll need a sturdy bag. It is also a good idea to get a case that offers a number of other functions as well. When looking at the bag, you can think about your needs and purchase one according to them. You can check out the verities of the camera bag via

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Size is an important consideration for the camera bag. You want to make sure that the camera fits securely into the bag without moving around too much. Although padding must keep secure the camera, the camera can actually be damaged from excessive bouncing around in a bag. If you want to be able to carry additional items in your camera bag, consider these items when making your purchase.


Many camera bags come with a number of extra compartments that will allow you to store accessories together with your camera. This storage area can be found on the front, back, or side of the main camera space. They can sometimes be large enough to accommodate additional lenses and film. Other smaller sections would be ideal for batteries, cleaning supplies, mobile phones, and keys.