Travel diaries vary greatly, ranging from dry statements about what happened – a little more than the route – to wild words that take the reader to a distant place. The last is an interesting idea and can be properly valued by the owner.

But what made the trip good and how did you write it? Practice and experience help, so let's get started. When writing your travel diary, think about who you wrote it for. You can also use rocketbook reusable smart notebook for writing your journal.

If this is a private magazine that you will only see, you will likely use a very different style than if you want someone else to read the magazine.

Think about all your senses – what you see, hear, feel. On long road trips, look for interesting bumper stickers, vanity plates or signs. These may be included in the travel journal. Photos of license plates, road signs, or unusual cars can be added later to your travel journal.

Travel journals turn ordinary trips into family legacies. Long after your vacation is over, your trip journal will still be here, forever reminding you of your precious time with your family.

Try to read what you write out loud – does that sound lively and interesting or convex and confusing? By reading aloud, you can determine whether what you write is in your voice and whether it works. It can also make you write something special like a spark in your memory.

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