Bullseye is widely known for its harmonious color palette. Most styles are available in two thicknesses: 3 mm double sheet and 2 mm thin sheet. Because this product is handmade, all sheets have at least one rolled end.

Color variations

While Bullseye strives for consistent colors, our glasses are handmade products and the colors may differ slightly between the production processes (and from the images in this catalog). You can navigate various online sources and find more about bullseye stained glass

Some colors can change slightly after repeated burning or with extensive heat work. We recommend that you test glass samples using the same shooting cycle and process to be used in finished pieces.

Bullseye Glass Mold #8629, Round Slumper 11.8

Bullseye sunglasses are formulated for color that is fired. The color of the unwanted glass can vary.

Color in Action

Bullseye produces many glasses that look pale or even colorless in their cold form but "strike" or mature with the target color when fired to the right temperature. These styles are marked with a.

Glass kiln formers: When choosing a style for glass melting, focus on the color of the fired sheet. Like ceramic glazes, the color will appear after sufficient heat.

Color glass and mosaic maker: Watch out for flashy glasses. Use only if you are willing to pre-fire the glass before use, or choose directly. Sheet colors that are not suitable for strikers vary greatly.