The methodology of charging any equipment without a wire connection attached to it trace back to the 1890s when Nikola Tesla developed the tesla coil and transferred electric energy from the coil to the equipment.

Though this process never became a commercial success, we can feel the success in our today's generation. Thanks to the power of electromagnetic field technology! Now charging has become much easier with the availability of mobile phone hidden wireless charger.

Power is supplied to wireless chargers through any USB interface charging supply. And then the chargers become ready to power up your mobile any time and at any place. Further, one of the best things about the chargers is that these can power up various devices such as camera, MP3 player and mobile phones at one time.

Wireless charging systems reduce your stress and so, you don't need to have different chargers for different products. Further, during travel, you can manage your work with just only one piece of the charger.

Even you can also save space in our home with only one charger. These small stylish products are available in tiny clips, accessories, and case designs to name a few. Interestingly, these products are easy to handle because for this you need just placing your equipment into the charging mat and then the power supply starts on.

The utility of wireless chargers will not be complete unless and until we throw some light on the wireless laptop chargers. Almost all of us prefer laptops as compared to desktops because of their portability and easy handling or in other words, we want to use laptops because of no wire connection attached to these.