When your birthday comes, do you really want to be stuck in the room planning all the celebrations for your own party? Of course not. We like to be pampered during our party rather than working around the house preparing for the big birthday. But if you're not hiring a caterer for your party, what other options do you have? 

After all, many catering companies charge exorbitant fees for services that are sometimes scarce. This is where the tea room comes in, as you can now combine good food in a fantastic atmosphere with your favourite drink – tea. You can search for the best tea cafe by simply typing 'tea restaurant near me or https://serenitygardentea.com/' in your browser's search box.


As tea grows in popularity, it is also gaining popularity around the world. While it can be difficult to find good quality tea when you live in a rural area, you can still find plenty of teahouses if you venture into the larger cities that are the countryside for your party. 

What to look for when finding the teahouse for your next party is how well they are organized for your group. From there, be sure to check the menu to see if there is a variety of teas and baked goods that you think your guests will like. Lastly, you need to consider the setup fee as some places charge very high prices and may not fully meet your expectations. 

You should also decide whether you prefer an Asian tea room with bold colours and a sleek design, or a tea room with a British or European look for this old-fashioned style.