Loloi Shag rugs have been in vogue during the 1960s and 70s and have made a popular comeback lately. Soft, plush, and trendy, loloi shag area rugs make excellent area rugs and that’s a significant reason for being accommodated in newly constructed and renovated houses. From retro decors to modern elegance, loloi shag rug have taken the insides by storm.

Aside from adding elegance and style to any room, these gorgeous rugs make a cozy ambiance and enhance the feel of stone or wood flooring.

For simple maintenance, folks prefer stone and wooden flooring but like to walk on soft surfaces, thus low maintenance loloi shag rugs are tremendously popular. Anyway, providing warmth and comfort, loloi shag area rugs absorb noises that makes them perfect for large rooms.

These attractive rugs are ideal to separate the regions from the open floor plan homes but on the opposite side, can even make the space a unit, by creatively using a rug. From serving as a hallway runner to bathroom rugs or mats, their depth and softness make them a well-desired addition to any room.

Loloi shag rugs come in a number of colours and the heap range thickness is from 1 inch to approximately two and a half inch, providing that lavish softness and lush style. If you’re interested in an extra soft, warm loloi shag rug, then go in for rugs with a high heap of over 2 inches.