Cave diving is the best sport and is a way for divers to explore flooded caves for scientific investigation, research purposes, search and recovery, or for a technical challenge. However, extreme cave diving comes with a number of risks. You can also visit thecenoteguy to get the best experience of cavern diving with diving experts.

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While in scuba and open water diving, you know which way is up and that by swimming up you will eventually reach the surface, cave diving is different. In cave diving, you can easily become disorientated. Even if you are certain which way was up, the path to safety could be in any direction.

If you are scared at the thought of cave diving, this extreme sport is not for you. However, if you relish the thought of a technical challenge and you’re excited at the chance to explore where others have not been, cave diving could be for you.

There is nothing that attracts photographers to diving more than capturing stunning underwater images. Freshwater cave diving allows photographers to capture images as crisp and clear as if they were taken above the surface. Freshwater caves offer crystal clear visibility and are popular with divers wanting to capture stunning photographs. 

Before you set off on your cave diving adventures, you need to learn how to cave dive. So, it is important to ensure you get trained and qualified.