Out-of-control wildfires that threaten homes also threaten the health of the people that live in those and surrounding areas, around the world. When the air quality is not safe to be outdoors there is a health impact for those residents where not just the lack of exercise is a problem, but more serious conditions of breathing and asthma issues arise. This is where various Advanced Physical Therapies like Chest Physiotherapy.


The knock-on effect from these types of aforementioned weather patterns is profound. Any outdoor activity is unsafe to participate in from Saturday cricket and hockey to running, mountain biking, and even walking. 

Training regimes can be thrown into disarray as it is just too unsafe to exercise outdoors. 

Lower Limb Issues

Furthermore, in terms of Physiotherapy, I have noticed a lot of recent lower limb muscle injuries from people running on a treadmill. Multiple clients have suffered calf and/or quadriceps strains recently. 

This is due to the increased load on the muscles. The stress on the joints is also an issue in this instance. If people are not used to a treadmill but are still attempting to work out, this can become a significant issue.

Chest Physiotherapy

The targeted area of Chest Physiotherapy is the lungs. Specifically, conditions that involve mucus on the lungs. It is the ability to shift these secretions that is the goal of Chest Physiotherapy. 

Common conditions that are included in this population are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (henceforth ‘COPD’), respiratory infections, post-operative conditions, and rib fractures.