Car sharing is an alternative to owning a car. As a member or user of a car sharing service, you can rent a car by the minute, hour or day. 

To be able to use car sharing, you need a valid means of payment and your SIM and ID validated by the car sharing service in Singapore. 

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How is car sharing helping our city?

Reduced congestion: Since car sharing can only be used in one direction (such as driving an event car and returning by train), it reduces traffic on the road

More throws: 1 car together = 15 cars alone in terms of throws

Less air pollution: Car-sharing companies are more likely to offer green cars (hybrid or 100% electric cars)

Here are some different types of car sharing

Free floating or one-way sharing car: This model is for trips from A to B. Free car sharing is available throughout the city. You can pick up the car and drop it off anywhere within the designated business area. You book and open a car with your app and once done you terminate your rental with the app. Includes insurance, parking and petrol.

Stationary or bi-directional car sharing: This type of car sharing is a little different. Say it goes from A to B to A. You pick up the vehicle at a certain station and when you are ready you have to return it at the same station. A train station is essentially an unattended self-service place, usually a street.