Patients suffering from vitiligo should be aware of better white matter treatments. If you and someone in your family or relatives are facing the same problem.

Vitiligo (also called Leucoderma) is a skin disorder problem recognized by growing white patches on the different parts of the body. Vitiligo specialists in Melbourne helps to restore skin color or even out skin tone, though results vary and are unpredictable.

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1. Treatments by Medications:

There are a few types of medical treatments available for Vitiligo:-

I. Steroids- 

In Steroid therapy, physicians prefer corticosteroids to bring the color back from white patches of skin. The patient needs to use steroids at least for 3 to 4 months, only then they can see any improvement. Apart from it, one should also be aware that steroids have several side effects.

II. Immunomodulators- 

It is similar to steroids; when it is suspected that vitiligo is caused by autoimmune destruction of the melanocytes doctors recommend immunomodulators. Its effect is limited and can also increase the risk of skin cancer and lymphoma.

2. Surgically Treatment for Vitiligo:

It has been found that those patients who have not been satisfied with medical therapy, undergo surgical procedures. 

Surgical interventions are generally the cutting of skin from an unaffected body part and its reattachment to an affected body part; we can say it's a type of skin grafting. 

Hence, there is a need for Better & Safer options for vitiligo. Natural Treatment for Vitiligo is much better than others; through this procedure, you can cure your vitiligo without medications or surgical interventions.