It is now the universal truth that "Prevention is better than cure". Mostly in the cases, when it comes to avoiding equine from getting sick, the best way to achieve this is by being certain that they always stay in good condition and well-maintained. A key aspect that plays a role in illness in horses is stress and most of the time injuries also.

This should be tackled if the horses are to keep in good condition. While most equines appear relaxed and fun-loving, there are those which seem very anxious. Nowadays, there is various leading authority in autologous conditioned serum that will be established for back pain in horses.

Much stress in a horse will most likely cause soreness or pain and even diarrhea. In extraordinary instances, this results in affected defense mechanisms creating your horse more susceptible to catching an illness.

There are a lot of precautions available to increase tolerance power. Moreover, tolerance is to be used during training or when one is driving the horse. In the case of offering a new experience to your equine, good care should be taken to create sure that this is done bit by bit.

An excellent way to keep off illnesses is by performing a yearly vet examination on your equine. One should not make the mistake of decreasing to contact upon a vet just because your horse seems to be doing well.