CCTV cameras or television CCTV cameras are the types of cameras that were used for security purposes for a very long time now. The main difference between these cameras and conventional cameras is the fact that these cameras transmit the signal to some viewers only, which means the video or images from these cameras can not be publicly visible. 

These cameras have been used for the prevention and resolution of crimes and they are mostly related to security cameras in shops, malls, gas stations and so on, but people are starting also used for home security. The fact is there are many different types of best CCTV camera for home, and here are a few of them will be explained.

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CCTV camera types according to the size and shape

The most popular of these types of shape of the camera is the dome, which is often used not only because of its convenient shape, but also because it is easy to hide. Apart from this, dome cameras are generally smaller than other types of CCTV cameras, which is a great feature for discretion as well. 

Types of video cameras to the functionality

There are two different types of these cameras, as they are to be used during the day or at night. During the day, surveillance cameras are regularly used, which are able to monitor long distances and provide their users with high-quality video and images. On the other hand, if the CCTV camera must be able to film at night, it must be an infrared vision camera and night.