There are choices in styles and finish of sink, but mounting is also a consideration. You can opt for a drop in model that is popular in modern kitchens. However, don't overlook the aesthetics of an undermounted sink.

This type of sink generally makes keeping surrounding countertop areas clean, as there is a neat edge to prevent debris from getting caught. The option for sink mounts will be influenced by your choice of countertops and the overall kitchen design, so you need to discuss your options. You can also get the servcies of kitchen restoration in Auckland by surfing the internet.

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What Countertop Profile is Best?

It may appear to be mundane, but choosing the correct shape of edge for your countertops can tie together the overall aesthetic of your new kitchen. Eased edges with a slightly softened corner to the crisp rectangle shape tend to be popular with its modern and simple appeal.

However, this may not be the right choice for your kitchen. Your designer should help you to explore the options and choose the best profile to create personality in your new kitchen.

What Fixture Finish Should You Choose?

Fixtures are available in a rainbow of colours and finishes, so you need to consider your options carefully. The finish is not only about aesthetics as there are practical considerations. For example, brushed metal finishes tend to be good at concealing light water spotting and fingerprints, while silver tone finishes can add sparkle.