With all of the technology that has crept into our everyday life, learning how to play golf has many options for junior golfers. In the past, parents would simply look for a local camp or center to get their child started playing the game. 

There are not only many options to learn the game but also more quality instructors through learning the game from. At a golf facility, there are basically three options for kids golf classes:

1. Junior Golf Camp – This is a fun way that many children become introduced to the game in a group. A junior golf camp typically runs 3-5 days in a row.

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2. Junior Golf Centers – This is probably the best option if your child is not sure if they want to play or not. Junior golf centers usually run for one hour for a set number of weeks.  This gives your child a chance to try the game with others and they will not become overloaded with information as they sometimes do in a junior camp.

3. Private Golf Lessons – As you can imagine, this is the most expensive route. Many kids initially feel intimidated in a private lesson. You will need to gauge your child on this one. Their age as well as how socially mature they are could play a role into how effective these lessons can be for your little golfer.

Kids can also learn golf through online classes. With many of the young people going online to learn most of what they do, it becomes natural for them to want to learn how to play golf using similar resources. The other good news about online kids golf classes is that they are typically less expensive than the real world solutions.