Hello and welcome to our series of articles about how to create a home that is more green and energy-efficient. This article's subject will be Blower Door Testing. 

Is your home's energy Efficient? Do you realize that the typical home is losing about 30% of its air conditioning due to undiscovered air gaps within its construction envelope? 

Home Energy Efficiency should start with a professional home audit. One of the tools that the Home Energy Auditor employs is a blower door seal. The Blower Door is an item of equipment used to identify the quality of the air in a home. It is basically an enormous, calibrated fan placed at the front of your door and when activated, it depressurizes the air in your house. It draws in air from outside, through all the gaps and crevices within your home. 

What is a Blower Door and Is It Necessary?

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When the house is depressurized, the gauge, or manometer, mounted on the Blower Door will calculate data to ensure that an energy assessor at home will be able to measure the extent of air leakage. Additionally, when the fan is on, the auditor will guide you through the interior of your home in order to find the areas where leaks occur. 

The auditor will most likely employ what's known as a smoke puffer to assist in visualizing the location of leaks. Another option is to utilize your hands to trace the location of leaks. 

Make sure you take careful notes or make use of some kind of marker to indicate where these leaks are. A reliable, trustworthy auditor will give you a written report, hopefully with photos, of the places your home's air leaks.