General dentists are medical practitioners tasked to study, diagnose, and treat conditions, diseases, and disorders related to the oral cavity. They are probably one of the most misunderstood professionals on the planet as well as among the most underestimated in terms of health influence. 

When you get to know more about what they do, they aren't actually the scourge most folks play them out to be. And if you find the right professional, you can almost always guarantee a safe and satisfying experience, even if you are to undergo dental surgery. You can look for the best general dentist office online to get the best teeth service.

General Dentist vs Specialist - Who Should You See?

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The thing you have to understand about their services is that they are mostly non-invasive and result in very little pain. And if there is any, the prognosis is often good and recovery should come about in an hour to six.

One of the most common procedures that dentists do is tooth extraction. And basically, it is also regarded as one of the most dreaded. But the horror of getting a tooth out only limits itself in the beginning when the needle is introduced into your gums so that the area affected could be numbed by local anesthesia. 

Once that is over with, pulling out the teeth comes easy. And after the treatment, all you have to do is apply something cold to the area to facilitate faster healing.

Another popular procedure these general dental practitioners perform is root canal treatment. The purpose of it is to try and take out the infection within the teeth's pulp and the gums, without having to compromise the form and state of the teeth themselves.