Conversation over tea invites and creates friendship. What better way to celebrate friendship and practice hospitality than a hot tea party? But do you freak out at the thought of having a tea party? Did you think about it?

A tea party can be hosted by anyone, anywhere, on any budget. Tea parties don't have to be elegant. The goal is not to impress your friends, but to expand friendliness and develop friendships. Start by selecting a date. Choose your day and date well in advance – at least a month or so. You can find tea house in Palm Beach via

Think of it as a topic. This is the foundation upon which all the other elements must be built – the food, the decorations and the invitations. It creates an atmosphere of suspense – because it paints a picture and sets the mood of your guests. It also makes planning easier. A themed party doesn't have to be fancy to be beautiful. It can be as simple as flowers or as complex as Victorian tea.

Choose Your Location: The dining room is the first choice as it is easier to set up and clear the table, but tea can be served elsewhere. In summer you may want to offer tea on your terrace or terrace or in your garden. In winter, you can comfortably serve tea in front of the fireplace.

Create your guest list. Consider the available space, budget and compatibility, age, and interests of the people you want to invite.

Look at your invitation. It is appropriate to make a phone call. You can also save the date call and then send the invitation. Contact your guests verbally to confirm their availability and follow up with a more detailed written invitation via email.