Ask everyone if they are a novice driver or someone who has been behind the wheel for years; Nothing is more stressful and upsetting than an unexpected visit to a repair shop. Is it because we feel at a loss without our vehicle or we fear unexpected bills, visit to a gearbox specialist is unsurprisingly best for a driver's.

One of the main reasons vehicles require quality mechanical care and attention is engine damage. Whether the car is automatic or manual, engine problems are often unavoidable but must be treated promptly to ensure you don't face a bigger bill than you anticipated.

Some of the main mechanical problems encountered in the engine are:

  • Clutch and transmission problems
  • Transmission overheating
  • Inexplicable voice
  • Tooth slip
  • Traction clutch (often accompanied by loops)
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • Check engine light

Many engine problems are immediately apparent while others are not, especially in auto-mode cars, but this is where the check engine light comes in. Unfortunately, many drivers don't like the check engine light, but on newer models, it's often asked to only come on when the car's sensors detect an anomaly. Prompt activation of the check engine light can prevent unforeseen damage.

If a problem occurs, your local repair shop offers a transmission repair service that can quickly restore speed to your troubled car.