A freelance copywriter is anyone who produces on-demand content or copy. Freelancers indicate that they work as free agents, usually doing well-defined copywriting or commissioned projects on an ad hoc basis and for various clients. 

The copywriter is a vaguely defined term, as copywriting often involves a series of tasks that could be defined more precisely in other industries (e.g. publishing): writing, rewriting, drafting, planning, editing, proofreading, proofreading, and linking with a number of other professionals such as graphic designer and web developer. You can also look for a freelance copy editor in the UK.

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When working with businesses, copywriters support the marketing function by writing marketing materials such as brochures, advertisements, and websites. A freelance copywriter will usually work with a marketing manager or marketing director, although in smaller companies, the managing director or CEO may contact the freelance copywriter directly.

Freelance copywriters also work with other types of clients – public sector organizations, charities, universities – anyone who needs something written can be attracted to a copywriter's services.

Once contact is made, freelance copywriters meet with clients to determine what type of copy is required. There are important aspects to consider such as purpose, tone of voice, target format, and most importantly, the reader's situation and the reaction the copywriter wants to get from it. 

Many copywriters work without a fully legally binding contract. Even though they are not perfect, there are many reasons why they choose to do so. First and foremost is the desire to please the client by continuing the actual writing rather than engaging in negotiations. After all, an email from a client to a freelance copywriter with explicit permission to proceed is usually a sufficient basis for starting a copywriter.