Hiring a lawyer requires money. However, the price is not the same due to the size of the case. For instance; few lawyers have flat fees, while others charge on hourly basis and there are those who charge their fees only after the case is won on behalf of their client. If you wish to hire a lawyer, then these are a few guidelines you should know about.

  1. Retainers – A retainer cost is the cost paid by the client to the lawyer in making sure the lawyer does not represent anyone else except for the same client.
  2. Injury Cases – Now this depends on various contingencies. During such a case, one-third of the fees goes to the lawyer while the remaining is kept by the client. However, the lawyer is not going to be paid in case the case is lost. When it comes to percentage after the settlement usually depends on the size of the case.
  3. Criminal Cases – The fees of criminal lawyers are usually flat without the need of hourly basis or any other contingency fees. This is because of the complexity of the case of legal procedures such as trials, motions, jury hearing etc involved.
  4. Non-injury Civil Cases – This type of case involves hourly basis fees by the lawyer however, the price differs depending on the size of the case. In some cases, the lawyer will charge retainer fees from the client to secure his or her service.

Consider these guidelines and hire for the best construction lawyers in Melbourne.