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Whether you are working on hospitality, commercial, residential architectural project, you are definitely going to need to know about the various types of Suzanne Kasler lighting fixtures for productivity, ambiance, and many more.

Keep reading this article to learn the different types of lighting fixtures and choose the best one for restaurant lighting, hotel lighting, and anything else.

About Lighting:

With ample types of lighting are available, it can be difficult when you develop a lighting system for any space in your home. Let’s dive into different types of lighting and which type of lighting fixture will work well for any purpose.

Various Types of Lighting:

There are different atmospheric and aesthetic effects of lighting. Based on it, there are three types of lighting tasks, ambient and accent.

  1. Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lighting is also known as mood lighting and general lighting. These types of lights are soft and, at times, diffused lighting. Moreover, they can be mimic natural light. In general, lighting may be natural and come from the light fixtures. Additionally, they are a gentle and relaxing type of lighting. It can be illuminated maximum space possible. There is no spotlight and glare, and perfect for general activity. Lighting fixtures for ambient lights include LED downlights, traditional recessed fixtures, chandeliers, table & floor lamps, and wall sconces.

  1. Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting creates visual interest in your place and also adds drama. They are used to spotlight paintings, sculptures, bookcases, paintings, drapery, and outdoor landscaping. It is a concentrated light and helps draw the eye to a focal point. Accent lights for the outdoor areas include gardens and architecture, and they are also called outdoor accent lighting. These kinds of lighting are popular, especially during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Additionally, they are often used in museums, art shows, and historical buildings. These types of accent lighting include picture lights, outdoor lighting, sconces, track lights, and under-cabinet lighting.

  1. Task Lighting:

As the name suggests, task lighting helps to perform particular tasks like balancing check boards, sewing, cooking, gaming, writing, and reading. Furthermore, task lighting should be free of shadows and glare while still bright enough to prevent you from eyestrain. They provide additional, focused lights for tasks in any space that already has the accent and ambient lighting. Task lights help you to see the objects or smaller objects with low contrast. Apart from it, they add accuracy to your tasks. Task lighting has a flexible neck and swing arm, and you can install it near and over a workspace. It is the most important part of commercial design. Standard fixtures for the task lighting include the recessed fixtures, pendant lighting, portable, under-cabinet lighting, and portable or desk lamps.

In the Bottom Line:

There are mainly three types of lighting that are explained in this article. You can choose any type of Suzanne Kasler lighting fixture for your home according to your choice. Whether its ceiling lights, light fixtures, or chandeliers, you will need to work them into your lighting system.