The branch manager at the time was subjected to scrutiny for lack of safety precautions. From a management point of view, we can see that it will be more expensive to have security services on board, but for the price of stolen property, it will definitely be cheap. If you want more security you can opt for security control room via

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Of course, when entering major department stores these days, we are well aware that video surveillance is monitoring our every move, but even with these security measures, crimes are still being committed in some places. It is unfortunate that crimes are still being committed, but it is worrying that the cost of all property damage and damage in the retail sector alone is just over £1.88 billion in London alone. 

Of course, not all crimes are committed in video-monitored stores, but this is a remarkable statistic that many retail stores should pay attention to. It is very well said that companies need to invest in security services, with security services as a reviewed service, but there are companies that cannot afford the additional security costs. 

Store layout is a factor that can deter criminals, because if expensive and luxurious goods are seen by employees in the store, it takes courage to steal things in the eyes of employees. The exit route can have many hurdles with simple video surveillance that captures the faces of people leaving the store. The "barriers" mentioned above can be the display features of the floor covering, but they can also multiply marketing support for other buyers.