Endometriosis is a complex and often painful reproductive condition that is often very painful and bothersome, but many people don't know much about it. It wasn't long ago that it was believed that the only way a woman could effectively treat her endometriosis was by undergoing a hysterectomy.

Now research has found other ways to deal with this problem effectively without having to undergo surgery. You can navigate online to get user guide to endometriosis treatments & complete care.

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Risk factors:

There are more women who do not have endometriosis than women. So knowing if you are at risk will help you identify your symptoms once you start experiencing them.

1. If you have a family history of this condition, you are at greater risk of developing endometriosis. For example, if your mother or sister has it, you may suffer from it.

2. If your cycle is less than 28 days, you may also be at higher risk of endometriosis.

3. If you bleed more than usual, your risk for this condition increases.

Endometriosis Treatment – What Can You Do?

Many women choose to fight pain when they have endometriosis, but that's not necessary. In addition to painful symptoms, you may need to treat the condition so you don't become infertile, especially if you want children. Hence, you need to know what treatment options you have.

Many women and health care providers find they can control endometriosis symptoms through a combination of hormonal balancing or using birth control pills, hormone therapy, or diet and exercise.