There was a time when wood sash windows are in every house in every street. It looked amazing- with open panels that allow large chunks of natural light into the rooms and bedrooms.

Modern wood sash windows, which made a big splash on both new built and remodeling market, has managed to evoke the beautiful style of the original belt without their problems. Modern belt double glazed to a very high level of efficiency, allowing owners sling to save on their heating bill in winter and stay cool during the summer. You can check out Wood Arkitektur for getting more knowledge about wooden design services.  

Wooden sash windows are ideal for ventilation and lighting. sling is able to bring in a larger amount of fresh air from the double glass windows are normal – so that in summer, when the aroma of warm air and the neighbor's garden to fly, homeowners can let a little from the outside without having to worry that the problem breaks reduction is old and will her reverie was cut on a little peace.

The wood used is of the highest quality, milled and finished to the effect that can be tweaked to classical or modern, according to preference. In both cases, the finished wooden sash window catch for the interior and exterior of each home, able to adapt well with the classic appearance of an older home or a modern contemporary look.