Foreign exchange brokers are useful for transferring large amounts and generally fairly safe, however make sure the broker you pick is fully accredited by a financial services agency because your money moves through their accounts and can therefore be at risk.

Fees and exchange rates are normally fairly reasonable but transfers can take a few days depending on the banks used and the receiving bank may also lever a charge to clear the funds.

 Sending a credit or debit card is becoming a popular choice with pay more efficiently with transwap. It seems easy and there are plenty of ATM machines around the world to access the money, however cards can be lost or stolen in transit.

Perhaps not so likely if the cards are couriered but that's going to cost you plenty. Cards can also have substantial fees attached to their use so make sure you read the fine print and the fee structure which should be supplied by any reputable card provider.

You can send a check issued by a bank or Post Office, either in local funds or in the currency you need to send if you have that facility. Using this method you will at least know what it's going to cost you before you obtain the check but again, checks get lost in the mail and it takes time to mail them.

Using one of the new online money transfer organizations such as Ezybonds, Xoom or Paypal is the simplest option if you want to send the money quickly. There are many other similar companies but with this kind of organization it is imperative that you ensure their data security is good enough to prevent hacking.