Almost every couple who married at some point or another in life like to start raising their own children. Although most women can have a child naturally, sometimes they are not. A healthy egg is very important to get pregnant. In this case, it is advisable for couples to take the help of any surrogacy or female egg donation process, which can help provide a pregnant woman with an egg donated by another woman.

egg donation

Women who can not conceive may take help from IVF institutions and get pregnant. However, before selecting any IVF centre, it is advised to have an appointment in person so as to get a reliable IVF and egg donation agency for you.

Following are some significant facts and answers to questions that will help you make the right choice and understand the process better.

  • Where Do donate eggs Come From?

As mentioned above, these eggs are often donated by different women. However, medical conditions and the laws in each country may be different, which decides who can donate eggs and how medically fit they need to be. 

Typically, young women over the age of 21 and below 35 are considered as an ideal candidate. In fact, some agencies are donors who have given birth before because of the child's work as evidence that they can get pregnant without medical complications.

  • How You Choose eggs that you would use?

Donate eggs to be fertilized by the husband's sperm and implanted receiver must match, otherwise, the body will reject it. In order to increase the chances of your body receive the egg, it came from a donor must have very similar characteristics as the recipient.

  • What is the duration of the process?

In order to conceive a baby with the egg donation process, it is important for you to wait until you get a match.

  • What Success Rate?

Almost every treatment cycles last about 6 weeks and have a 25-40% chance of success. This means you may have to try several times before you get pregnant.

Additionally, you can also enjoy a surrogacy program, which means allowing other women to conceive a child for you.