Are you looking for a wastewater treatment plant? There are many services that provide quality treatment of wastewater separator on all over the world. They provide dissolved air flotation set up providers.

The products are designed according to international standards. It's design and setup are such that it removes most of the oil particles and solids dissolved in the effluent from different industries. You can also browse to to know more about wastewater treatment and it’s services.

Waste cannot be disposed off without proper treatment as it leads to environmental pollution and various types of diseases in organisms including humans.

DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) method is increasingly used by many industries for the treatment of waste from industrial plants. Into wastewater, air at very high pressure in dissolved which leads to the formation of bubbles in it.

These bubble separate dissolved solid particles as well as minute oil particles and come to the surface along with the bubble. From the surface when the bubbles accumulate, they can be removed by using a skimmer.

The process is similar to the method used in the froth flotation separation of copper from ore. If you are also interested in the equipment for wastewater treatment, you can contact the service provider of wastewater treatment equipment using dissolved air flotation.