If music is your obsession and you have made wonderful kind of song, then you must know the way of promoting your music. The first step should be creating an awesome kind of marketing plan. You should identify where your target market is. As a musician, this plan will get a good response. Know your ideal fans that are interested in your music and also understand their habits. You can also opt for online music marketing course via https://continuousmusic.com.au/courses/marketing/

Build your friends and network:

Talk to your fans as more as possible and make trust among them. Find people whose music you will like. Like, share, comment on their music, and try to find them on another social area. If you continue with this process for some weeks, you will be able to see the wonder.

Don’t forget to tag your music properly with the actual kind of music genre and some musicians who have done a song on this genre. Use some adjectives to describe the environment of your song.

Let your song go viral:

Leave some comments and give some responses to your listeners. Also, add a location for your song you are tagging. Be transparent with your fans about what kind of work you are doing which will make your fans confident about you. All these things will enable you to promote your music online and get it to the best site available. When you are doing this entire thing, remember to embed your music and it will be shared in your blog which will get you with more followers.

When you are doing this entire thing, you must not forget to repost the song you like. Repost will show you have an interest in that people and you can further get a good reaction from there.