While brushing teeth with chalk, bark, and baking soda were viable teeth whitening options 200 years ago, advances in dentistry now allow us to comfortably and efficiently keep our teeth clean and white without having to put some strange concoction into our mouths.

Now we can schedule an appointment with our dentist and after only a couple of hours, our teeth are white and gleaming. We can also take home prescription trays or over-the-counter white strips or toothpaste that also whitens satisfactorily.

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While it is aesthetically appealing to have whiter teeth, caution needs to be exercised when choosing the whitening procedure. Gritty or acidic substances are found in some over-the-counter whitening products and these may scratch off enamel or cause soreness to gums.

It is best to consult with a dentist before grabbing the first white strips available, and if time is of the essence, then a professional whitening procedure may be the best option to get results fast.

Common Professional Whitening Procedures

Many dentists' offices now have not one, but several methods to use to whiten teeth depending on the situation. A client has the option of choosing a treatment that can whiten teeth dramatically over a few hours in a dentist's chair or over a few weeks at home with a prescription tray.

When opting for an in-office cosmetic whitening procedure, usually the dentist will apply a gel to the patient's teeth and then use a laser or light to activate the bleaching agent within the gel.

This technique and variations are used in systems like BriteSmile and Rembrandt Teeth Whitening. If an in-office whitening treatment is out of the question, then you can ask your dentist about receiving similar treatments at home, through the use of a personally fitted tray and gel (more powerful than any over-the-counter brands) that can be applied personally at home.