If you want a very beautiful engagement ring, then a pear shaped engagement ring is the perfect ring for you. Although this type of cut has been known for centuries, its beauty is still adored by many women, despite the fact that more and more patterns and shapes are developing today.

Also known as a teardrop or pendulum shape, the pear shaped halo engagement wedding band is the product of a combination of an oval or round shape and a marquise-shaped stone. One end is rounded or oval depending on the proportions, the other end is pointed. This shape was discovered by Lodevik of Berkem in 1458. 

One of the largest diamonds in the world is the Star of Africa which weighs 530.20 carats and is a pear-shaped diamond. No wonder this shape is also absolutely stunning and awesome.

According to professional jewelers, the ideal length-to-width ratio for this type of cut is between 1.45 and 1.75. But that could change depending on what the user suggests. Be careful because if it's out of proportion, the shape won't look as elegant as it should. 

You can also be sure that you are getting a high quality diamond with this type of cut. Pear-shaped diamonds require a highly experienced jeweler to cut them to the perfect shape, while cutting round diamonds requires only basic cutting skills.

Pear engagement rings are usually set in a solitaire setting, emphasizing the stone's distinctive shape. Usually the stones are placed perpendicular to the strip; This position makes the fingers thinner and more elegant. Pear-shaped stones are usually fixed to the teeth but can also be found in various settings for engagement rings.