Pallets are usually wooden squares that can be used to transport products or supplies. Without them, you would have two options that are almost impossible.

Either you would have to ship each item separately which would take forever, or you could wrap them all, but that would make it impossible to load or unload the items by hand. However, a forklift would allow you to easily damage products. Pallets are the best option. There are many types of pallets in Sydney available at including plastic and wooden. You should consider the pros and cons of each.

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Pallets are traditionally made from wood. Although wooden pallets aren't very attractive, they can be useful. Wooden pallets can be made quickly and are cheaper to buy. Wood is a simple material to find and easy to assemble into pallets. You won't have to pay as much for the pallet manufacturing cost as you would with a better quality pallet.

Because plastic pallets can be used less often than wooden pallets, they tend to be more expensive. Plastic pallets are better for sanitation than wooden ones. A wooden pallet would be prone to bacteria growth if something spills on it. 

Plastic pallets can be easily washed and cleaned up with soapy water. Wooden pallets can also be a breeding ground for insects. Wood is a favorite place for insects to live. Plastic pallets are good for keeping insects away. Plastic pallets can also be stacked.