This article is about a very useful tool found on the internet that helps you make diagrams of your thoughts and build better  thinking. It also talks about how switching to using this tool might be beneficial if you have a hard time making connections or figuring out where things are going.

Simple concept map  is a powerful way to think more productively and efficiently. But, how do you make one yourself? And how do you share it with others?

Using an online concept map tool can make the process quick and painless. Plus, it can help you to better understand your ideas and see relationships among them.

There are a number of online concept map tools available, but we recommend Basecamp. It’s free to sign up and has plenty of features for creating and sharing concept maps.

Once you have Basecamp set up, you can begin creating a concept map by following these steps:

1) Choose a topic or problem to explore. This might be something that interests you or that you’re working on at work.

2) Create a list of all the related concepts that come to mind. These could be things that are related to the topic, ideas that you’ve read about, or things that you know from experience.

3) Connect the concepts together using arrows and lines. This will help you to see how the different pieces of information are related.

4) Add notes and explanations as needed to help you understand the concepts more clearly.