Corrugated shipping boxes look like cardboard boxes, but are much more durable and offer better protection for items packed inside. In addition, the boxes are made of environmentally friendly materials. The eco-friendly of these boxes work in two ways. Of course, this does not add to the contamination on the one hand and on the other hand keeps the food fresh for a long time. Due to these factors, these boxes are very widely used in the food industry.

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Cardboard vs. Corrugated Boxes - What's the Difference?

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Furthermore, people who deal with vegetables and fruit often use these cardboard boxes for packaging. This helps them to maintain the freshness of this agricultural product for a long time. So far you have to think about what material these boxes are made of. In fact, the main raw material used to make this box is fibrous pulp made from pine trees. 

Another advantage of the material used in this cardboard is that it does not have sharp edges, so it is very safe for use in packaging, handling, and transportation. You can store these boxes worry-free because they're designed for handling this pressure.

The smooth surface of these boxes makes it easy for you to label stickers. That way you can brand the packaging. As already mentioned, this box is very durable. So if you mark your packaging, the stickers on the box will promote your brand for as long as it lasts.