Software as a service, or SaaS, is a delivery model where software is accessed, usually through the cloud via a browser, to those who subscribe to a service. SaaS differs from traditional software delivery models. 

Traditionally, the software was purchased, and the user or business owns a copy for a license. We help you run your business better from various online sources. NetSuite is different because it allows rich capabilities for optimizing the core capabilities of the NetSuite system and for producing extensions.


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Let's explore the traditional model more closely.

  • Equipment – In the traditional model, when you buy software, you will need many things to use that software. First of all, you will need hardware – which is where the software will be live. Next, you'll need to take steps to maintain that hardware – such as reliable power, network access, security, and cooling mechanisms. You will also need to maintain the equipment and plan to repair or replace it if it breaks.
  • Operating System – The operating system (OS) is where the application software will live. It runs on the device. Today, it is generally either a Microsoft, Linux, or a Mac OS. The OS will need to be maintained – viruses, disk space, upgrades – are all common concerns, and take time and labor energy to address appropriately.
  • The Application Software – This business application software also requires maintenance. It first needs to be installed, configured, and properly supported, as well as made available to those in the business. You will need to answer questions where people need access to the software.