Hemp seed oil is the only oil from the plant kingdom that can penetrate the lipid layer of your skin and bring the healing powers of essential oils directly into the bloodstream, working almost immediately. Its essential oil healing powers are found in its highly concentrated plant essences which can heal many physical and emotional ailments. Many clients with stress, tension, physical aches, and skin conditions within days of trying hemp salve notice rapid healing results.

Those who have tried hemp salve products like lotions, healing serums or soaps for dry skin or the like know that there is something different about these formulas. Instead of waiting weeks for something to act on your illness, whether physical or emotional, you will be feeling better within days. You can buy affordable hemp products like NV-US Organics Hemp Salve by browsing online. Anyone can take advantage of hemp salve and oil, but also consult a doctor or specialist before you start taking them.

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Most of the products that claim to be natural, likely contain alcohol, petroleum, or drying chemicals in their ingredients. The epidermis is the largest organ in the human body, but it is treated with the least respect. Putting anything other than natural products on the skin will affect physical and emotional well-being.

Hemp seed oil products support the inner or lipid layer of the epidermis, replenishing the natural oil produced by the lipid layer rather than blocking and depleting it like all other oils and lotions. Hemp seed oil not only transports essential oils quickly through the skin, it rejuvenates and protects it as well, making it look younger and healthier.