Custom design T-shirts have become a multi-billion dollar business in the United States alone last year. Every year, millions of people designing their own T-shirt to be worn as an expression of their style and their culture. In addition, millions of T-shirts purchased each year from thousands of different designers and manufacturers. There are many different types of styles available when choosing the T-shirt to wear.

Band T-shirt. Band T-shirts are very popular because there are so many bands out there to choose from. When you wear a T-shirt from your favourite band, you express feelings and emotions. First of all, you're basically telling other people what kind of music you like to listen to and how often you listen to it. You can explore for purchasing the best custom shirt.

"Funny" T-shirt. These shirts often has the phrase or words on the front and rear along with a picture or illustration. It is often worn by teens and pre-teens so that they can convey various messages.

Film t-shirts. A T-shirt in this category usually have movies at the front and is blank on the back. In addition to showing the film on the front, the shirt will usually have a proverb or a quote from the movie. When you use a movie T-shirt, you basically tell others what kind of movies do you enjoy and what kind of film you watch.

From this information, then people can make certain judgments and decisions on your personality. For example, you might see a different person if they wear a T-shirt horror movie than someone who is only wearing a T-shirt cartoon.