The main reason why glass companies began using glass paints is that they are economical. Colored glass production requires a lot of experience and special craftmanship. Producing colored glass tanks are very expensive, especially colored crystals.

Even if you are doing a small project, you may find several companies online from where you can buy glass paints. One such company is

The transparent and non-transparent enamels were adopted as a raw material in the glass industry after World War II. The paint is no longer used for exclusive glasses, they can be applied for ordinary household glass.

Glassline Black Fusing Paint

The original glass paint is applicable with hand painting and new application techniques such as spraying and silk screening developed.

The growing use of paint was hindered when major drawbacks arise. It was due to rising energy costs that made things too expensive.

Organic Coatings

With the development of chemical industry after World War II, a wide range of organic colors became available and based on the colors of organic fresh paint, also for glass, was developed.

Glass paint is organic, based resin, has a virtually unlimited variety of colors and glass coating can be cured at low temperatures. The absence of metal oxides make them environmentally friendly alternative of coating glass and so available to a bright future ahead.

Array organic resin is still growing. This time the glass can be coated with powder, paint can be hardened under UV-light or by radiant heat, the entire glass can be included in one or more colors with spraying and almost any logo can be put on the glass well with techniques decal or by screen printing techniques.