PEmicro provides flash programming solutions specifically designed to program memory targets inside circuits. This can be done with internal memory that is connected to the Freescale processor and flashes externally that are connected with the processor’s address/data buses.

These options give users the choice of placing the processor or memory device on the board prior to programming it. You can also buy an arm cortex flash programmer via

5.07.01 Flasher ARM | SEGGER Flasher ARM Programmer | RS Components

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The program itself is executed by using a header on the board which connects to specific connectors of the processor. PEmicro’s hardware for programming connects with this header for the programming, testing, and debugging of the microcontroller as well as any memory that is connected to it.

This example illustrates the control of a PC Cyclone LC stand-alone programmer. That can be connected to a device in testing:

PEmicro’s robust and inexpensive programming solutions are tailored to the main stages of product creation: 1) development and 2) production/manufacturing.

Our flash programming tools during the development phase of the product are specifically designed to be:

  • Simple to utilize
  • Robust
  • Cost-effective
  • Our manufacturing and production flash software tools are:
  • Fully automated and controllable through other programs
  • Include a set of tools used in the stage of product development.
  • High download speeds are possible.
  • Help safeguard your IP by using ProCryption Security features
  • Resilient to static electricity.