Carefully remove all clothing, bedding, and upholstered furniture that may be exposed to moisture and clean the inside and outside of the caravan.

Remove all food from refrigerators and cupboards, and leave doors slightly ajar to avoid mildew odors. You can also get information about hot water system for caravans via the web.

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Seal all windows and skylights tightly and use a treatment spray to prevent sticky seals. Make sure the vents remain unclogged and consider using a dehumidifier to avoid moisture. For safety reasons, close all blinds and curtains.

Wheels and chassis

Lift the caravan with a jack with a bottle jack or screws to remove the wheels from the ground (don't use corner supports). Support the axle with supports so that the wheel is directly above the ground.

If the wheel is allowed to turn, inflate the tire properly, connect and cover the wheel to prevent damage. Turn regularly to lubricate the wheel bearings and consider installing a wheel mount for safety.

Caravan Protection

For added protection, there is a choice between applying for liquid protection or purchasing a specially made coating.

If you choose a suitcase, it should be made of a soft, breathable fabric and made specifically for the job. It was developed specifically to protect paint and windows, and its breathable properties prevent moisture from building up inside the car.

We hope that the tips and accessories for caravans mentioned in this article will help you protect your caravan during the winter months and that you will find it in top condition again in the spring.