Today, television is more than just a device for watching sports events and shows. Modern technological advances have allowed television to become a personal entertainment system. 

With the ability to connect to the internet, sound systems, and blue-ray players, today's television is considered the media center of every home. You can also look for the best tv wall mounting solution through various online sources.

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Almost as important as the television is the wall mount that holds it in place. The wall mount is designed to mount the TV securely to the wall and eliminate the need for a TV stand. 

Poorly installed TV mounts will eventually lead to trouble because when you least expect it, the television will come tumbling down.

 To prevent such damage, follow these simple television mounting steps:

• First select the spot on the wall where you want the TV to be. Choose an area that makes it easy to watch TV, because an area that is too high or too low will strain the audience's neck.

• Find the nail in the wall. (Usually, the nails are 16 inches apart.) Just attach the mount to drywall, not nails, almost ensures that the TV will fall to the floor.

• The mounts consist of two main parts – the wall mount and the TV mount. The TV mount must be attached to the back of the TV, and most flat panel displays have holes for attaching the stand so that it is level with the back of the TV. 

When fascinating the wall mount to the wall, use a level before drilling screws into the wall to ensure the TV is parallel with the floor.