If you know someone who is struggling with drug addiction, there are many things you can do to help. Here are some tips to get started: 

1. Identify the primary problem. It may be that the person is using drugs to escape from a difficult situation or to feel better after a bad day.The most important thing you can listen to your friend and understand what he or she is going through.

2. Be supportive and understanding. Let your friend know that you understand how difficult it can be to stop using drugs and that you will always be there for him or her.

3. Encourage your friend to seek help. There are many resources available to drug addicts who are in need of assistance, including rehabilitation programs, counseling services, and support groups. If your friend is willing and able to seek help, encourage him or her to do so as soon as possible.

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4. Don’t pressure your friend to use drugs. You should never force your friend to use drugs or try to make him or her relapse into drug use. Supporting your friend while he or she strives for sobriety is the best way to help him or her recover from addiction. 

5. Offer to help your friend avoid drugs by offering suggestions on how to find a drug-free path.

6. Don’t think that you are immune from addiction or that you don’t need help yourself. Addiction can affect anyone, and recovery is possible.

7. It is not your place to judge your friend for his or her addiction problem.