Marijuana is legal in some capacity in more than half of the country, which means that every day more and more consumers become interested in how they can grow their own weed at home, save money and reduce trips to the shop's pot. Growing up in the home also make sure that you consume cannabis marijuana is safe and genuine. You can get to know more about growing weed at home via

A common misconception is that the growing of cannabis is challenging. It is not that. Marijuana would often grow outdoors own from seeds discarded, often popping up in city parks and flower beds. While growing cannabis themselves at home does take a bit of planning, set-up, and maintenance, even beginners will find that marijuana grows easily.

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Generally, to grow marijuana at home you just need to follow three steps:

Determine Location Grow

Collecting Your Needs

Caring for Your Plants According to their Growth Phase

Now let's dive into each of these three steps a little more to show you how to grow marijuana themselves.

Determine Location Grow

The first step in growing your own weed is to figure out where in your home to grow. Really, though, it could be almost anywhere, as long as space is dry and cool, and that you can seal it from the outside light. When growing marijuana indoors, growing public areas including:


A corner in the spare room

A special tent grow

Beginners may want to start with a small area. A small growing space built for one to several plants is easier to manage and cheaper to make than a large room.