There are a number of different methods you can use to purchase Komatsu Excavator Parts. The main thing will depend on what you are looking for and whether you need or want to buy new or used Komatsu excavator parts. 

When looking to buy Komatsu heavy machinery parts, it is best to check the manufacturer's website online as they usually have some really good deals because you are buying direct from the manufacturer so you skip the middleman.

 You can also browse magazines and newspapers to find Komatsu excavator parts. If you are looking to purchase excavator attachments or parts such as buckets, you will need to know the dimensions of the bolts so you can ensure that you are getting compatible parts. Whenever you buy a new spare part, it is best to start shopping online. 

You can find pictures on the Internet to help you get started. The photos will help you see what you ordered, and if you have something to look at, you can decide what you want a little better. You can also replace the part with the one you are replacing, avoiding ordering the wrong part.

If you're looking for more countries where you can buy used Komatsu excavator parts, reviews from local newspapers can help you a lot. An online search can also be helpful, as most people prefer to advertise on the internet rather than using local newspapers or magazines. There are many manufacturers selling used Komatsu excavator parts online; as well as new spare parts.