If there isn't any in your locality you can at least consult your local hobby shooting club or even look up on the net. Most major manufacturers have their websites where they have a list of licensed distributors. If you can't find one near you, you can also consider buying through the Internet. 

If you have questions about on-line providers, go to the manufacturer's website to make sure which on-line retail sites are authorized dealers. If you want to learn more about the gun range mn, then visit https://heartlandgunclubs.com/range/.

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You can easily have a look at the riflescope on the website of the manufacturers as they put the pictures of the scope for your benefits. The authentic scopes are easily recognized now after you have seen the pictures on the net. 

If you know the manufacturer's logo and the place where it is located on the products then no one can deceive you because if you find that the logo is not matching then you can claim it as fake.

Although most shops have return policies, it is always best not to purchase it if you haven't inspected it yourself. If you're buying online, you won't be able to check in advance. Even this problem can be overcome if you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Also, ask for a warranty certificate that will ensure that the shop will cover repair costs if the thing malfunctions or gets damaged. 

The fake scopes cost less than the original ones and so, you can easily identify them. Even if you're going for a bargain deal the difference in price should be reasonable.