network marketing tipsYou do it all the time whether you realize it or not…you are networking. But who's getting paid for it?

Been any good movies lately? Did you tell anyone what you thought? You probably just made a theater, rental store, actor/actress and motion picture company very happy!

So why aren't you doing the same for your internet business? A select few are, but the majority aren't networking, their advertising.

How many newsletter publishers do you know? How many fellow marketers do you talk to on a regular basis?

These are the questions you should always have answers to. I don't know many people that aren't looking to make some kind of contacts, but it's how you do it.

1) Forget about selling for a minute. There are millions of people that are looking for a home business, but since they don't know anyone, they aren't willing to have the "trust factor".

2) Learn about the person you are talking to. Find out what their goals are, what kind of things they like, what they are having or have had problems with. The more you get to know each other, the more surprised you'll be at how much you may have in common.

3) Help out when you can. Unless you are a 12 minute affiliate or six-figure earner that doesn't need to be personal anymore, you're best plan of action is to help with anything you can. Wouldn't someone trust you just a little more if you help them out?

4) Rather than constantly blasting ads to your contacts, try to find out what they are already interested in…then, if you should come across something that may interest them, you can tell them, not as a seller, but someone who is genuinely interested in their success.

5) Be open to the things they are offering you….especially if it is someone that you know to be sincere and knowledgable. If they have both of those qualities, they are more than likely truly trying to help. If you aren't open, why should they be open to anything you offer?

Remember, even those "gurus" had to begin somewhere…you'd be surprised how many really want to help out. If you see someone that strikes you as someone you can learn from…try asking them. If they say no, you lost nothing…if they say yes, you've gained a wealth of knowledge!

Did I mention that this is also a great way to brand yourself? You see, meeting people and sharing knowledge does a world of good. Once your are seen as a knowledgeable person, people will be more apt to work with you….it all works out in the end.

If your "net isn't working", try taking a little more time in it's construction. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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