Garter sets a narrow band of fabric clothing tied around the leg to hold up stockings. They are usually a few inches wide and made of leather or other types of heavier fabrics adorned with ornaments like ribbons, charms, trinkets, fabric flowers, crystal, small bells or beads.

Garter also can refer to those used in weddings to traditional garter toss. The use of a garter as lingerie can be traced back to the 18th to the 20th century when they first tied just below the knee to hold the stockings and avoid them from dropping or slipping down the leg. You can buy a garter set from

Garter throw in the wedding comes the belief that the trousseau brings good luck to anyone who received or continue to receive them.

Common designs are mostly bridal garters decorated with ribbons and lace white with a little blue. It also can follow the color theme of the wedding ceremony, as also shown in the wedding invitations, wedding reception decorations, and ornaments, bridesmaid dresses, etc.

Wedding garter sets allow married couples to follow the tradition and at the same time, keep one as memorabilia of special events.

Garter sets are best worn with a corset-style bodice only looks good because when worn with matching garter stockings and garter belt. Garter most popular sets are black and red. You can also see that the corsets in two colors are the most popular pieces and almost everyone's favorite.