There are many good reasons why you should hire a professional to install tile in your bathroom, or actually there are other areas of your home where you want to have a tile floor. It would fill volumes on the subject, but here are just three of the biggest and best reason.

1. The biggest problem homeowners face while the renovation is time. It not only takes time to set up the project, but you don't have a lot of time to spend with DIY projects, there is work, busy schedules, and all too often projects get started and then you discover that the work is way above your head, and the job stalls.

Soon it's weeks or in some cases months before it will be finished when a professional could finish it in a matter of days. Thus, you should look for a professional tiler in the first place to avoid such hassle. At Gun Tiling, you may find some reliable tiling experts who will not only finish the task on time but also provide you with excellent work. 

2. Professional tilers have all the equipment and manpower to come and do the job right the first time. Most people simply do not have the right tools, grouting and finishing trowels, and diamond saws bits laying around the house to make tiles.

Of course, you can rent equipment, but unless you know what you're doing, chances are very likely that you will break over the tiles, costing you more money, and the time and frustration. A professional tiler gets in, assess the situation, take exact measurements, and can even make adjustments quickly.

3. The professional tiler is much cheaper than you think. Considering the time it takes to do a bathroom project on your own, and that as mentioned before you are going to probably get in way over your head and have to call someone anyway, it's just better to do it right the first time and having someone who knows exactly what they do.