Gift baskets can be prepared for any kind of occasion. Creating it is truly enjoyable and fun. If you create hampers regularly, it can be very frustrating to come up with ideas for new ones. So, it is very helpful to have gourmet hamper ideas to know what to make next when creating personalized gifts.

If you are one of those searching for ways how to make a gift basket for your friends and loved ones, here are some of the helpful ideas for Ideal gifts for friends & family to get you started.

Gift Basket Ideas for Fundraising Event


  • Gift Baskets for Women – one of the best presents for women in a fundraising event is a gardening basket with seeds, gloves, and other possible gardening tools. Gourmet baskets containing olive oil, spaghetti, sauce, and a cutting board would also be great. Cookie and tea baskets with packs of iced tea or green tea, candy cookies, and butter wafers are also popular.
  • Gift Baskets for Men – a popular choice for men is a movie basket with candy, cookies, popcorn, and tickets. Another one is a golf basket containing golf products such as shorts, balls, and hats. Another option for men who like their wine is a wine basket with great bottles of wine and wine glasses.

Gift Basket Ideas for Partners

  • Anniversary – if you are attending an anniversary, chocolate fondue and champagne baskets make an excellent gift. If you have the talent, you might like to have a basket with handmade candles and a candle stand.
  • Housewarming – on this occasion a popular choice is a basket filled with tasty sweet treats; for instance various dry fruits, milk bars, chocolate, brownies, chewy cookies, and chocolate wafer cookies. Homemade cakes and cookies are also great ideas for couples.
  • Baby Shower – the best baby gift idea for couples are the one that consists of baby clothes in pink and blue color. Bath basket for baby use could also be a great baby shower gift.