Unlike any other inventions, a gas mask is one with no particular name to give direct credit. Almost a century ago in 1915, when the modern chemical weapon was invented, gas masks were used. This allows the person to breathe smoothly even if toxic gas, thick fumes, or smoke exist on air.

At the extent of chemical warfare, gas masks keep soldiers alive while doing their regular duties at war. But this was not the original trace of the application and purchase gas mask. Even before the First World War, gas masks are used by divers, firemen for a special job. Today gas masks are used in industries and various dangerous environments.

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Going almost another century back in 1832, an apparatus capable of protecting people from smoke was patented. gas masks also continued to develop by the turn of the 20th century particularly in 1914. Garrett Morgan was the man responsible for the patented Morgan safety hood and smoke shield.

He was probably the most popular gas mask inventor during that time as his gas masks were able to save 32 lives that were trapped after an underground tunnel explosion happened 250 feet below the surface of Lake Erie. This event made Garrett Morgan's work sold throughout the country.

Today gas masks can be purchased online and in stores as well. It has made people breathe easily and freely even in the toxic atmospheres.